Dad Sings Duet with 4-Yr-Old But You’ll Laugh at Why She Keeps Stopping…

Everybody loves fireworks! It’s easy to get lost in the magic of these mesmerizing bright illuminations. No wonder this little girl is so excited about the fireworks show that just ended outside her home. She was so thrilled that she kept hearing it even after it was over!

So, to distract the 4-year-old, her father came up with a brilliant idea. This father-daughter duo shares a love of music. It’s a hobby of theirs to sing together! So, the dad picked up the little girl’s favorite pink ukulele, and the two of them sat together. And the result is the most adorable thing on the internet.

dad daughter duet

He strums on the tiny instrument as the girl covers the duo’s favorite song, “Tonight You Belong To Me.” However, the duet doesn’t go as the poor dad expected. Every time the girl thinks that she hears fireworks, she stops the song!

And it’s hilarious how she does it: by shushing Dad! Although there are many stops to the duet, they do manage to reach the end of the song. Where both of them make fun trumpet noises with their mouths.

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