Woman Accuses Officer Of Abusing Her, But His Bodycam Footage Reveals The Truth

It’s shocking how irresponsible some pet owners can be about their pets. There have been so many PSA that have reminded people time and again how dangerous it can be to leave their children or pets behind in their parked cars outside, even for a few minutes. The inside of a car acts like a hot box under the sun—it heats up rapidly and can reach fatal temperatures within minutes!

These PSAs are still not as effective it seems. A woman was caught by a police officer, who had left her dog in the car park outside. The woman, who kept insisting that it was not that hot, thought the situation to be safe enough for the dog after only 10 minutes. It took an intense conversation for the woman to be proved absolutely untrue. She even had the guts to make some serious accusations on the officer!

The officer wanted the woman to have a taste of her own medicine, so he has asked her to sit in her hot car for a few moments after he wrote her a ticket. By her logic, it was fine, as the car was safe and not hot at all. But after he made her do that, she created a big fuss over it. Thankfully, the officer’s lapel camera was there to reveal the truth.

This woman must have learned her lesson by now. Let’s hope she doesn’t repeat it again and risk her pet’s life. Check out this incredible story below:

[ytvid id=”VJcovASHY5s”]

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