No One Adopts This Dog Who Cries All Night

No matter what kind of dogs are brought in the shelter, one wouldn’t find a shred of neglect among the staffs of High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) located in New Mexico. When it comes to taking care of rescued creatures, they complete the job with utmost love and care. When some of the dogs are abandoned in the shelter, they even go as far as to share their pictures on social media, hoping some pet-lover will pick them up.

last pic as a shelter dog

So when they came across a miserable puppy during their trip to an associate shelter, they couldn’t resist taking her picture. In it, she is inside a cage with tears in her eyes. It’s so obvious that all she needs is a home where she would truly belong.

Unsurprisingly, this video got a ton of responses from pet-lovers all over the world. HPHS perfectly captured the grief and sadness in the puppy’s eyes. No wonder people everywhere are trying to give this lovely creature a place to call her own.

He is home now

Facebook/ High Plains Humane Society

As applications came pouring in, many candidates were thoroughly examined before a woman was declared to be the chosen one. After she was adopted, the puppy quickly turned into the loving, loyal and happy creature he was meant to be. Our best wishes are with the two newly made companions, and we couldn’t be happier for them! Hopefully, they will be with each other for a long, long time!

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