The cinematic history has been quite bright and full of extraordinary movies. Take “Footloose,” for example, was more than a box office hit. To this day, the film ranks as one of the most fabulous creations of the 80s. Kevin Bacon’s lead acting really stood out in the crowd. Moreover, the music was just remarkable.

Fast forward to 2011, when remade of the original movie hit the theatres. Although the success of the remake was highly arguable. Nonetheless, the creators stayed true to the movie’s spirit. The only change in the 2011 movie was the clothes. Considering that fashion has peaked new heights in the last few decades; it was a necessary change.

In the clip featuring below, you get a compilation of the iconic movies’ classic dance numbers. There is no denying Kevin showcase an array of eye-catching dance steps. The remake, in that sense, is not that bad. Speaking for myself, nothing could top Kevin’s charm. But don’t go for my words. See it for yourself.

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