“Not a Dancer” Does Bizarre “Dance Maneuvers” – And Everyone Loves It!

We’re used to seeing good dancers on the Got Talent franchise shows, and even unexpectedly good dancers. But we’re not really used to seeing someone who says, “I’m not a dancer” perform a dance. And what’s even more strange, most of us would probably agree that he’s not a dancer. But what he does is strangely satisfying and, quite frankly, pretty entertaining.

Keith Apicary is a 35-year-old man who lives at home and, admittedly, does not have a job. When Howie Mandell asks, “What do you do for a living,” Keith answers, “Nothing.” Which kind of sets the tone for the entire performance.

Keith doesn’t even call what he does “dancing,” he calls it “dancing maneuvers.” Which, again strangely enough, is pretty accurate. It’s a series of moves we might recognize but which, when strung together, don’t really form a dance.

But the strangest part of all is that by the time it’s all over and Keith literally falls off the front of the stage–all part of the act–the audience is on their feet cheering and the judges are all bowing down to him in awe. This is one of the most bizarre yet entertaining acts I’ve ever seen on AGT!

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of Keith’s “dance maneuvers” in the Facebook comments!

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