Bulldog Puppy Gets a New Fluffy Bed – His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart!

Remember when you were kids you used to jump around your bed as if it was not your bed but a giant trampoline? Well that is what happened to this cute puppy. Four-month-old Chunk got a brand new memory foam bed as a present and he loves it!

Most of us probably remember getting yelled at: “No jumping on the bed!” There’s even a children’s book or two about it. Well this video with Chunk will bring back those memories.

His reaction to his new bed is really cute and hilarious at the same time. He jumps all over it and does consequent flips and turns. He even tumbles over due to all the excitement, trying to get as much of the fluffiness as he can. At some point he goes back to his old bed, but his new one is too enticing for the little guy to handle!

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