They Found a Newborn Fawn in the Road – Watch How They Help

You never know how you day is going to turn out–you might get the opportunity to be a hero to someone, if you recognize the opportunity.

Paul and his friends were enjoying their ride while driving down a path, but then they encountered something unusual on the road. They saw a young fawn lying vulnerably on the middle of the road. The poor thing looked helpless and his mother was around (so they say in the video) but wasn’t going to come into the road to help with people around.

Paul and his group knew they had to do something quickly; otherwise the fawn might even end up lose his life. They couldn’t leave the poor baby deer all alone since it could be run over by other vehicles. One of the guys picked it up and released it to the nearby woods. When the fawn feels the ground beneath, he leaps away in the woods, looking for mom. I hope he found her!

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