Mailman Was Waiting Outside the House. When This Dog Sees Him, His Reaction Will Make You Smile Ear to Ear

Mailmen have different kinds of interaction with the pets they encounter at the homes on their route. Some pets aren’t so friendly, while others are the definition of outgoing. The precious pooch featured below belongs to the latter category. Every time this mailman visits this particular house in the clip, he is greeted by the most enthusiastic pup ever. What he managed to capture on his camera is going to make you smile.

Every time he stops in front of the house to deliver the mails, the family dog runs outside to greet him. Nemo is well trained. He takes the mail back inside the house, but then he comes out again. What happens next is going to melt your heart! Their adorable routine has been viewed by thousands of people since it was first posted, and with the cuteness that unfolds onscreen, I am not really surprised it went viral!

Dog helps mailman 0-43 screenshot

Watch this cute clip below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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