Bullied Boy’s Heartbreaking Video Sparks Support and Suspicion

We all know that no one is mean when they are born. Most people don’t want to hurt each other. However, children learn quite early, what our society deems to be “normal,” and what it doesn’t. And sometimes this leads to bullying. But Quaden’s case shows what happens to the children who are bullied when things get out of hand.

Quaden Bayles is a 9-year-old from Brisbane, Australia. He also has dwarfism, which makes him a target of bullying in school and the public. After his mother, Yarra picked him up in school one day. She witnessed something horrible. A schoolmate was picking on the boy for his height. Moreover, he was in hysterics when he came to the car. That’s when the mother filmed him to show everyone the effects of bullying.

quaden bayles

In the heartbreaking video, Quaden cries that he wants someone to kill him. You can see the hurt in his eyes as he expresses how hard it is to live. As she records her son, Yarra says that she wants people to know the effects of bullying so they can educate their children. Hopefully, something good comes out of the video as it has been viewed over 17 million times. Watch it below:

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