Neil Diamond Changes the Words to “Sweet Caroline” for the Pandemic Era

The Covid pandemic has hit us hard. Apart from being locked up inside our house, many have lost their loved ones. Furthermore, our front liners are working day and night to help fight this deadly virus.

However, beautiful things have also happened. We have become united; going through the same problem is proving to be a startling realization. People all over the world are trying their best to minimize spreading.

In the meantime, we don’t have to stay mired till it eradicates. We can still enjoy the small things. Like Neil Diamond making a presence on Youtube with his beloved song, “Sweet Caroline.” If you love jamming to his tunes, you recognize the changes in the lyrics.

Back in March, Neil addressed his audience and sang an acoustic version of the same. The new lines seem to match the present conditions. Not only that, but he also hosts a virtual worldwide, a sing-along of the original version. His lyrics are witty. The video had over 10 million views under 24 hours. Please press play sing along with the talented Neil, and just escape this horrible reality. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

If you enjoy this version of the song, kindly share it with your loved ones.