Pooch Is Going To Visit Grandma, Her Reaction On Hearing ‘Nana’ Is The Cutest Ever!

When we were young, visiting our grandparents’ house always used to be a pleasant surprise. Mom and dad’s rules didn’t really apply, and we could do whatever we liked without being scared. And who could forget all the presents and money and freshly-baked cookies they showered us with?! This is why kids are so close with their grandparents. And this is not only true for humans, but for animals as well. Just take for example the adorable pooch below!

This little dog is called Georgia and she belongs to Samantha Magowan. She is a nana’s girl and she loves visiting her often. In the video, we get to see how Georgia reacts when she finds out she is going to her favorite place. Samantha tells her in the car and the little doggie just loses it! Every time her owner says “nana”, Georgia has the cutest reaction!

Watch this adorable clip below! Did this make you smile? Share what you thought about it in the comments!

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