Mystery Good Samaritan Heroically Helps Officer in Trouble

Here’s a story that could have gone very badly but didn’t thanks to the efforts of a mystery man in a cowboy hat that came to the aid of a police officer in distress.

Brea, California police were in the middle of a routine traffic stop for an obstructed license plate when the suspect took off running across a parking lot. The officer gave chase and trapped the suspect against a vehicle and that’s when the trouble started.

The suspect began fighting the officer and was able grab the gun holster, breaking it loose. He was also shouting for a woman companion to grab the officer’s gun. The police spokesman said from the video it was clear the man was attempting to get the gun in order to shoot the policeman or a bystander.

Suddenly a mystery man in a black cowboy had streaks in and helps the officer subdue the man. But when the situation is under control, the man leaves and the police didn’t get his name. If not for the black hat, we might call him the Lone Ranger!

It doesn’t appear they ever found the man, either. Watch the full video below!

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