Woman Afraid of Birds Finds Abandoned Parakeet in NYC – Now its Her Best Friend

Isn’t it funny how things we avoid or are afraid of often become something we find we can’t live without? Here’s a video that shows that happen with a tropical bird right in the middle of the Big Apple.

This woman was walking in New York City and noticed “a little blue ball” near a tree–and was shocked to find it was a parakeet on the loose. Surprisingly, the bird came hopping right up to her and wanted to stay close. What the parakeet didn’t know was that the woman was afraid of birds! But she allowed him to climb up her hand and stay close for warmth.

Fast forward a few weeks and the two have become inseparable. The woman works from home and the parakeet stays close most of the day. And (no surprise) she now considers him her best friend: “Never before did I think I would be so into birds and bird care.” Well, duh, any pet owner could have told you that!

Watch the video below! Isn’t that bird beautiful? Let us know about your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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