Good Samaritan Was Saving Grandmother Trapped in Car when a Truck Comes Flying at Them

If you’ve ever lost control of your vehicle on slick roads, you know it’s one of the most helpless feelings. The wheels and brakes don’t respond properly and you suspect it’s not going to end well.

That’s exactly what happened to Carla Long of Chester County, Pennsylvania. She hit a slick spot and the car slid off the road and flipped upside down, trapping her inside. She screams for help but most cars pass right by.

That’s when a mystery Good Samaritan appears and calls 911 for Carla. She was so grateful for his help.

But the story actually doesn’t end there. While the man is on the phone, another vehicle hits the same slick spot and launches off the road headed right toward both the Good Samaritan and Carla. Luckily the man dives out of the way, but the truck slid down the embankment and rolled right on top of Carla’s vehcile. But the Good Samaritan stayed with her until the cops came then went on about his day.

Now Carla wants to find the man to thank him. Watch the full video below!

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