Orca Pursues Otter – You Won’t Believe How He Avoids Getting Eaten

Here’s a video that shows that nature, while brutal, can also provide some spectacular stories. Here’s one about an orca who’s interested in a meal and a little otter who definitely doesn’t want to be on the menu.

John Dornelles was fishing in Alaska when he noticed the little otter in he water and a huge orca nearby. What happens next is amazing–the otter jumps onto his boat to escape! The orca swims right up to the boat, clearly frustrated by the fact his meal got away.

John tries to tell the otter it can stay on the boat for a bit but the otter quickly jumps back in the water, and the same thing happens again!

The second time, the otter decides to wait before going back in the water, like he’s saying, “OK, I don’t really know this human but he’s not trying anywhere near as hard to kill me as the killer whale in the water!”

This is amazing! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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