Elderly Woman Can’t Figure Out This Riddle. Her Response to the Answer is Pure Gold

Riddles are a fun way to make a fool out of people. They are hilarious and would make you think twice or maybe even more times before answering. And this video shows why riddles are funny and can make a person lose their senses.

A woman asks an elderly woman a question. And the elderly woman has a really hard time answering. The question is simple, “when I was 6-year-old, my sister was half my age. And now that I’m 72, how old is my sister?” And the elderly woman had some hilarious answers.

my sister is half my age

The woman keeps on repeating the question hoping that she would give the right answer. But the elderly woman keeps saying that she is 36. The daughter even tries to explain it to her that that’s not how it works. But the woman, being as stubborn as she is, keeps saying that her sister is half her age so, she has to be 36.

The daughter loses it and can’t stop laughing as she questions her mom. And the mom keeps repeating the same answer while cursing at her daughter for not making sense.

WATCH her hilarious reaction below.

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