Veteran With Ptsd Was Approached By This Horse, Then Everyone Was Left in Tears

Soldiers are at a high risk of suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD). Statistics reveal that one in eight soldiers who fought in the Iraq war have said that they experienced the symptoms. To get through such conditions, people often take the help of therapy animals. Dogs are one of the most commonly used, but lately, animals like horses have also come into the scene.

Saratoga War Horse is an organization that heals veterans suffering from emotional injuries with equine therapy. They use horses, some that are off-the-track thoroughbreds, to help veterans dealing with invisible scars of war. The program teaches veterans from across the country on how to connect with horses.

Watch the moving video below to see what they have accomplished so far. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments.

[ytvid id=”CRN891Dk7Uc”]

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