Teen Mother is Forced to Give Away Newborn Son but 48 Yrs Later, a Miracle Happens

It feels precious to meet your loved ones after a long time. In this video, a lady finds her son after 48 years. They are finding it hard to believe, and their reaction is pleasant to see. Look, how grateful they are to see each other after decades. This incredible thing happened when the Vietnamese woman shares her information in an online database with a request to find her son, who was lost during the Vietnamese war.

The vulnerable woman gave birth to her son at the age of 17, when she was in a relationship with an American soldier. Inversely, her father did not accept their relationship, and unknowingly left the baby in an orphanage. The situation became more terrible when she lost contact with her partner as well. It was miserable for her to lose everything at once.

Nevertheless, the child was soon adopted by an American parent, and they gave a name: Kirk Kellerhals. After a few days, the Krik’s DNA information was also updated on the same website where his mother had sent the request to find him. One day, Krik received a surprise email following to call his lost mother. It was a miraculous moment for him. But it was still hard for Krik to believe the fact. Later, after sharing each other’s story and Krik’s date of birth, they accepted each other and finally get back together after 48 years.

The video with this beautiful and heart touching story has received immense views and comments. This heartwarming story will definitely make you cry.

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