Clumsy Elephant falls into the pool – No One Could Hold Their Laughter

Some animals just hate washing up. Good luck trying to get a cat into the bathtub! And then there are those creatures who would never get out of the water if they had a choice! Moreover, one of these animals has built-in snorkelers that help them enjoy underwater. If you guessed elephant, then you’d be correct! But the little baby was way too keen to get in the water.

Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal, Thailand, has a host of gentle giants in their “elephant-stay.” And the mammals love interacting with the staff there. But the one that sticks out is a baby elephant with the name Double Trouble! I’m sure he got this name for a reason. And his antics in this video will give you a peek as to why!

elephant bath

A curious baby elephant comes over as a man is filling a water container. Moreover, he proceeds to inspect the tub by going inside. Suddenly, the naughty calf dives in head first! Furthermore, he rolls around his whole body in the cool water. However, he hasn’t had enough! So he clumsily tries climbing inside again, slipping down this time. But instead of worrying, he rolls in the water. After doing this a few times, he decides that he can’t have enough water. So, he steals the water hose and tries to run away! Watch the hilarious video below:

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