The mother-son dance at a wedding has a very different and humble meaning. Many weddings include a mother-of-the-groom dance, which is a time-honored tradition that typically takes place near the end of the reception and allows the groom to thank his mother for raising him and give her a moment to shine.

And every mother-groom dance has its own way of showing the love they have for each other. And every wedding I go to,  I get teary-eyed just watching them. And this video was no exception. It’s possible that this is the most beautiful dance ever captured between a mother and her son. The fact that the mother is ill only makes this dance more meaningful in the middle of the wedding reception.

mother groom dance

The groom’s mother, crippled by ALS, made it down the aisle in her wheelchair (also known as ALS).

The bride, Kristeena Rheault, was touched when her husband and mother-in-law got teary-eyed on her wedding day. Feeling an overwhelming need to share her happiness with the world, she posted the photo online. The video has already been seen over a million times since she published it. Watch the full dance routine here:

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