Monkey Adopts A Little Puppy & Takes Care Of Him Like He Is Her Own Child

We have come across innumerable animal pairs before. Just take for example the duo featured in this post. This mama monkey has been taking the internet by storm because of how well she takes care of her kid. And her kid is not a baby monkey, but rather a tiny little mixed breed puppy. No one knows how the two met, but the Rhesus Macaque monkey has been looking after the canine as if he was her own child. She makes sure that he gets enough food, and she even lets him eat first so that he gets his fill.

These two have been spotted all over their town. The monkey carries the puppy like her own baby. He sure gets lots of love from his unlikely mama. The mother monkey even protects the puppy from other dogs and animals. She has been seen defending him against animals that try to steal his food or hurt him. She is protective, but she actually hasn’t hurt anyone. She is very attentive of her puppy though.

The adorable duo loves to snuggle. Their story has even been covered by the Indian news.
But shortly after the story came out, many people started raising questions of whether it was safe for the dog to be raised by a monkey, since she might try to take him up a tree.

According to some reports, the duo might have been separated after their story was aired. It is sad considering that the monkey was the only one who cared for the puppy before they were on the news. If they are indeed separated as the reports claim, we can only hope that they find their way back to each other once again.

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