Abandoned piglet was destined to die, then a mama dog steps in

All mothers love their children unconditionally. They always put their children’s happiness and welfare before their own. But that is not always the case—as with anything, there are exceptions. Animals mothers sometimes abandon their children. They can do this to weaker babies, as a way of ensuring the survival of the stronger ones. Sometimes, they do it for no reason at all.

This tiny piglet had also been abandoned by her mother. Little animals need to be nursed and cared for by their mother until they are capable of caring for themselves, otherwise their chance for survival declines. This piglet was also on the verge of death, but she got help from an unlikely source. An 8-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback farm dog became her guardian. The dog, Katjinga, is now the piglet’s surrogate mom. The piglet has been named Paulichen.

Paulichen was in a dire state after she was abandoned. She was hungry and cold, and that pushed her to the edge. When Katjinga’s owners took in the piglet and introduced her to their dog, she immediately fell in love with the tiny pig. She immediately assumed the role of surrogate mom.The most surprising part was how the dog also allowed the piglet to suckle. Katjinga is the loving mother to five puppies, and now the piglet is part of her family. The poor piglet was very close to being a quick meal for a passing fox, but she was fortunate enough to be saved.

Mother animals tend to feel very maternal towards other small animals too, and this is what happened between Katjinga and Paulichen. Katjinga started lactating again after being introduced to the piglet, so this was proof that she had really accepted the piglet as one of her own. If animals of different species can learn to coexist together like this, humans can surely try to learn from this. These two show that love conquers all, and we do need all the love we can get in this world right now!

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