Mommy’s Home! – Watch This Toddler’s Wonderful Reaction

If you’re a parent, some of your best memories are probably coming home to your young children and getting the greeting of a lifetime–one that’s so full of love and joy that you can’t help but remember it. I know mine certainly are.

So when I saw this short video, I had to post it because it’s exactly that: full of happiness and love for such an ordinary thing that you normally wouldn’t think twice about it. But clearly the mom, dad and little boy in this video think enough about it to film it and post it on the internet.

So when Dad tells the boy that Mommy’s home, the boy just has to go to her. He urgently tells dad “Here” to hold his drink, then he weaves his way in and out of the things in the garage and yard, up the walk and to the driveway, so he can give Mom the big hug she deserves.

Is there anything in life that is more wonderful than a toddler greeting a parent? Not if you’re the parent!

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