According to National Center of Statistics:“A higher percentage of male than of female students report being physically bullied (6% vs. 4%), whereas a higher percentage of female than of male students reported being the subjects of rumors (18% vs. 9%) and being excluded from activities on purpose (7% vs. 4%). ”

While there are many organizations and groups fighting against bullying, the number keeps on rising. The only way we as an individual can stop bullying is by educating the bully about the impact their action may cause — and motivating students that have been bullied so that their willpower won’t go down.

7 yo Audriana is bullied for her tom boy nature and riding her dirtbike. While she is already pro at riding her bike, there are some of her classmates at Marshall Elementary in Toledo, OH who likes to pick on her. So, Audriea’s mother, Alexandria Raynold came up with an idea to call the Punisher.

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