Mom Lives Every Day Like It’s the 1950s and Gives Us a Look Into Her World

During the 50s, fashion exploded in a myriad direction, with new colors and silhouettes. The booming style and wear were all the hype, and people loved getting dressed. Whether it’s an evening or a night party, every occasion had a particular dress.

The iconic debate snubbed out the retro vintage fashion and took a new leap in dress skirts that accentuate the waist. Although inspired by the victorian era, the clothes were made shorter, sexier, yet modest at the same time. Some of the classic looks were the 50s swing dress, wiggle dress, and more. Even movies and series in this generation have romanticized the fashion look from the 50s. Take Mad Men, for example.


However, it’s not only Hollywood that is fond of trends. A woman named Laci Fay is gaining popularity for her love of the influential decade. She lives every single day like she was in the 50s. We are not just talking about clothes. Her house, the car, will transform anyone back in time. Mesmerizing her followers in social media, her husband Dane Fay says,

“Wherever we go, people just stop and watch her go.”

Laci’s love for the 50s comes from her grandparents, who got married in 1953. their love story and everything, in general, made her passionate about that age. Despite the immense love for the decade, Laci and her husband don’t impose the lifestyle on their son, Corner. Please press play and enjoy this free-spirited living style.

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