Son Bursts Into Tears Because His Dinner Is ‘Just Too Cute’ To Eat

A growing kid finds all sorts of excuses to put aside their food. In order to avoid such protests, parents try everything to make the food more palatable for a child’s taste bud. Hiding vegetables in their food, baking a healthy muffin, even decorate their plate.

So, when this mother decided to decorate a fancy dinner plate for her son. You bet she didn’t expect such a dramatic response from her son. After seeing his dinner for that evening, the little boy refused to eat the food. His mother has added a classic smiley face on the plate. The little boy began throwing tantrums,

“It’s just too cute for me to eat!”

son bursts into tears

You must have seen all kinds of cute videos; today, this one surely tops it all. Although, the son’s reaction puts the mother in an unusual predicament. On one hand, it’s a total victory for mommy, as her baby loves the food. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bare to eat the cute food. I hope he finds the courage to devour the plate finally.

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