Mom Doesn’t Remember Her Son Because Of Her Condition, Son Breaks Into Sad Tears

Memory loss is a disturbing part of dementia, both for the person with the condition and for the people around them. As the first sign of dementia, it is usually mistaken for the normal forgetfulness until it becomes clear through the victim change in thinking, behavior, and feeling that the problem is severe. The situation gets very emotional when a mother who carried a child in the womb for nine months totally forget the child every existed. An Ohio man with a web series documenting his relationship with his mom as she experiences Dementia shared the first day she couldn’t remember his identity.

In this video, the man is seen talking over coffee with his mum, asking some questions to which he received heartbreaking answers to. Sadly, after a few minutes of questioning, it became obvious mum do not know who she is speaking with. “You don’t know who my mom is?” he asked her. “I’m Joey. Who’s my mom?” “I don’t know,” she replied. Fighting back tears, he said: ‘Don’t I look familiar? Mother replied: ‘I don’t know. I think so.

Her smile was friendly, but her eyes seemed vacant. She appeared confused. She seemed to be asking: Who is this stranger sitting beside me? He resorted to his car, sobbed uncontrollably on camera and says: ‘This day I will never forget. When your mother doesn’t know who you are, she knows my name but doesn’t know who I am. He felt so devastated and wanted to go back and ask her one more time.

It is uncommon for men to shed tears because they are strong. But when you see a man cries like this, you know he is traumatized and destroyed from within.

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