Baby Loves Dancing to Dad’s Boogie Piano – And Helping Him Play

Babies and toddlers are the most adorable creatures ever and it’s hard not to find a child amusing and adorable when they are in a good mood. Well here’s a little girl who’s definitely in a good mood and is definitely adorable.

The man in this video is Arthur Migliazza, who teaches online piano lessons and is pretty much of a piano expert. He specializes in boogie piano pieces and he does not disappoint here, playing a boogie version of Swanee River (originally written in 1851 by Stephen F. Foster and titled “Old Folks at Home”).

A video of his adorable little girl went viral on the internet for all the good reasons. This little girl is very fond of Dad’s music. She keeps dancing when her dad plays the piano, until she decides it’s a little more fun to tinkle the ivories herself!

Then, like a kid is wont to do, she gets distracted by her food and forgets about the dance for a while. The baby seems to love her food more and that causes a slight distraction among the kid and the piano. Watch the wholesome video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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