We all reside in this giant ecosystem; we call home. Therefore, we are all responsible equally for keeping our home safe and moving. Our roles come in different varieties of occupations or civilized citizens, and many more.

If only people understand the importance of diversity, the world would be a much better place to live. However, some people have big mouths and little to no consideration. Similar to a woman who made an insulting comment about a hardworking individual. Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington, shared a post on Facebook about an unpleasant interaction, which went viral.


Andy was making a quick trip to the supermarket before going home. Due to his profession as a construction worker, he had some dirt on his face. In the checkout line, he heard a woman whisper something to his daughter, looking at Ross. The starters said, “This is why you need to stay in school.” Andy couldn’t digest this comment. Hence he confronted her.
Ross called her out for being ignorant and making superficial judgments based on looks.

Any even added lessons for everyone to learn from the incident as:

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