Mom Asked if He Ate Food Off the Counter – His ‘Confession’ Cracked Me Up

While many of us love dogs, we know they can occasionally be a little naughty as well. Some dogs are even known to make apologies after they are caught doing something mischievous. While we’ve come across many guilty dog videos over the years, we think this one is one of the good ones!

A guilty dog, after being caught with his crime, typically adopts an expression that’s equal parts regret and shame. They look at you with sad, doleful eyes and you can’t help but melt! But the dog in this video shows his guilt in a unique way and it’s downright hilarious.

Meet Miller. At first, this pooch looks innocent enough. But when his owner asks if he had eaten from off the counter, he tries to avoid eye contact. She keeps asking him and he ultimately breaks down–by admitting his crime with a huge grin on his face! Perhaps it was his way of confessing, and or maybe he’s just trying to look cute to avoid any punishment.

His mom, who’s used to his expressions, knows exactly what’s going on here! Check out this hilarious video below and let us know in the comments if you think Miller looks guilty or is just trying to get out of trouble!

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