Little Girl Has a Crush on a Boy, Grandma’s Advice Has Everyone in Laughter

All of us have had crushes. Do you remember when you had your first crush? The little girl featured in the video below is called Mila Stauffer and she just had her first crush at the age of two! And now she is head over heels for someone who millions of people in the world adore. That is why she decided to FaceTime her grandma so that she could get some expert opinion on the matter. You are going to be left in stitches when you hear her lovely grandmother’s relationship advice!

Mila wants to win over her celebrity crush, Justin Beiber. And luckily for her, grandma has lots of suggestions that might actually be of help to her. Some of her ways are dated, but the little girl still listens to what the elderly lady has to say. From writing letters to primping up herself, grandma shares the best of her useful insights to the adorable little girl. When the two year old asks her what she should convey when she writes the message, grandma says something that leaves the whole internet laughing out loud.

Let’s hope the little girl gets a chance to meet her celebrity crush and give him a great big hug! She is so cute – I am sure she will win Justin Beiber over if she had the chance! Watch Mila’s hilarious talk with grandma in the video below! Did this duo crack you up? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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