Owners Set Up a Nanny Cam to Check Up on Their Anxious Dog. But Shocked Her When She Saw the Footage!

Separation anxiety in pets is a pretty common phenomenon. Your pets love you. So when you go to work, they feel very lonely. Due to this, some pets tear the house down. However, some dogs become very mellow.

Joule is one of those dogs. She loves her owners to pieces, sticking to them all the time that they’re home. Her human Mom Brenna Eckert said that Joule was a ball of anxiety when they first adopted her. They even saw a therapist to work through it, and she got over a lot of her issues. But she still feels a little apprehensive when the owners are away.

kevin and joule

To give the adorable pooch company, the family adopted another furry pet. An orange tabby that they named Kevin. Kevin and Joule became best friends instantly. But to what extent?— Brenna didn’t realize till she set up a nanny cam to monitor her pets. As Joule would sit on the couch, Kevin would come to comfort the anxious pooch. You can see how the feline nuzzles and rub on the dog. Awww. I’m so glad the pupper found a friend who understands her and loves her for who she is. Watch the footage from the hidden camera down below:

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