Live performance these days feels more engaging than before. Not that I have had the privilege to be a part of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, or any renowned names from the back of the time. My opinion is solely based on the recordings added on youtube.

Nowadays, if you buy a ticket to see a concert and manage to be in the front row. There are chances that you might end up performing for the thousands of people on stage. But that, of course, requires an essential, beautiful voice. During Michael Bubble’s concert at the Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, Minnesota, the famous singer handed his mic to a young gentleman in the audience.

The fan was Andrew Zarrillo of Houston, Texas, who flew all the way to Duluth with his girlfriend, Amanda. Initially, the couple bought upper deck seats. However, in the final hour, the seat was updated to floor seats. You could almost say it was meant to be.

Andrew then serenaded his lovely girlfriend and the thousands of people in the center. He was able to capture the high notes and low. Andrew was able to give an outstanding performance on the go. No rehearsals or pre-warning, nothing. Just a magical moment for the fan.

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