He Starts Chiseling a Piece of Wood. When I Saw the End Result, My Jaw Dropped

What makes a master craftsman? Maybe it is the speed at which he can work. Or the quality of the final product. In my opinion, you can judge someone’s craftsmanship by the ease with which they manipulate their material of choice. Just take a look at this woodworker. With only a few motions of his hands, he makes a plank of wood into art!

It’s incredibly pleasing to watch people work on something that they’re good at. Moreover, when it’s something like handicrafts, it’s all the more exciting! This particular woodworker starts by making a spindle. However, what he does next has to be the most satisfying video ever!


The craftsman uses two clamps to hold down the spindle from two sides. Then, using a sharp chisel, he shaves tiny wood curls beginning from the pointy end. Moreover, he continues doing it, turning the spindle around and making his way to the base. You can see that he is a master of his craft by the control he has with the tool. Additionally, he carefully unrolls the wood curls one by one. You can see a tree starting to appear that would be perfect for keeping in the mantle during the holidays. Watch the video below:

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