Son Plays a Song to Mom With Alzheimer’s – Her Reaction is Heartwarming!

Everyone plans on having a happy and relaxing retirement. Moreover, people work hard in their middle ages to make this a possibility. However, life doesn’t always work out how you plan. And for this family, it was when their Mom began developing Alzheimer’s.

When Joe Fraley’s Mom got her diagnosis, the family was met with confusion and reluctance to accept the progressive disease. Soon, she was showing symptoms like memory loss and disorientation. But her son is there by her side, and when he sings a song, she’s happy again!

singing mom song

As the two of them are sitting on the porch, Judy starts getting confused by her surroundings. She says she doesn’t know who they are. But Joe reassures his Mom, telling her that everything is going to be alright. Moreover, he plays the guitar and sings, which makes her happy! And although she doesn’t completely understand everything that is going on, Judy always looks on the bright side! Watch the video below:

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