50-Yr-Old Cashier Desperate to Prove Herself is Pushed Over the Edge by Simon’s Critique

We all have friends in our circle who aspire to be singers. They spend years practicing in their room, looking at the mirror. Now, let’s break the walls and doors of comfort. Now the wanna-be singers have to practice their craft in front of their family members. The moment of truth, do you really have a voice that can tremble and pick up high notes with a soothing tone.

It is one thing to polish your art in your living room or small gatherings filled with people who admire you. But it’s a whole new story to perform for strangers. Especially when one of your judges is Simon Cowell. The man is known for spitting honesty like a flaming fire. Mary Byrne builds up the courage as she stands on the stage of The X Factor UK.

In her younger days, Mary was the charm of a crowd. However, around the late twenties, she stopped performing in public , in order to fight depression and a failed relationship. Now in her early fifties, Mary is ready to give it a try.

She chooses none other than “I Who Have Nothing” by Tom Jones. The song indeed has big shoes to fill; hence even the judges are skeptical. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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