They Set Cameras In 98 Yr Old’s Home, It Captures The Most Emotional Thing

The woman featured in the video below is called Mary. She is a 98-year-old woman, and her story is going to leave you in tears for sure. This touching clip shows us that our seniors are sometimes forgotten in this mad rushed world. As a reminder, The Voyager film crew decided to make this short film. They visited Mary in her small apartment to document a day in her life. The result? Heartbreaking to say the least! To be honest, this was hard to watch.

Mary shows us what it is like to live on one’s own at her age. She lives alone and she doesn’t really have much company around. And while most people of Mary’s age live their lives in retirement homes, there are people like her who spend their time in isolation. The elderly woman tries to keep herself busy by doing petty jobs so that she does not drive herself insane. The filmmakers also invited some nursing home employees to Mary’s apartment. The impact she left on them was huge.

Mary says that the company was a welcomed reminder of the importance of human connection and she is forever grateful to that. The video is beautiful yet very heartrending at the same time. Watch Mary’s story below! Don’t forget to visit your grandparents! Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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