This Is The World’s First Footage Of An Orangutan Birth, And It’s Magical

Every creature on this planet is special in its own way. Sadly, humans have been so blinded by their personal greed and selfishness that they are destroying the planet for their own motives. Rainforests are being wiped out, oceans are being polluted to dangerous levels, and we are encroaching on natural habitats. Rainforests in Asia are being cleared to make way for palm tree plantations, and it’s putting animals like orangutans in danger of extinction.

That is why so many orangutans have to rely on living in captivity these days. May organizations are working towards saving their dwindling numbers. The following video was taken at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. It was founded by Gerald Durrell as a charity institution in 1963 and is a sanctuary and breeding center for all kinds of endangered species now. It shows the birth of a Sumatran orangutan named Kea, and it’s simply magical to say the least.

It was filmed live on video by the staff of the establishment. It is the world’s first footage of an orangutan birth. The footage of this “miracle birth” is the first of its kind in the world. It is really remarkable to watch the baby’s delivery. But perhaps the most striking part is the reaction of the mother orangutan to her baby. It makes you realize that animals share so many emotions with humans, and it’s just mesmerizing.

Some might be put off by it, but the miracle of birth is just amazing to witness, no matter which species it may be of. Check out this amazing video below:

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