Lonely Bullmastiff Walks Over 100 Miles To Find Her Family After They Neglected Her

We know that dogs are the most loyal creatures. After all, this is the quality that has made these furry animals, man’s best friend! But what happens when the people who take care of them are not loyal?

One-year-old Manora “Maru” is a Bullmastiff who thought she found her home. However, after six months of having her, the owners put her on a train to send her back to her breeder. This must have been such a confusing ordeal for the poor pup as they sent a random person to look after her. They had already traveled more than a 100-miles when Maru leaped out of the train and ran the opposite way. Before the attendant could get to her, Maru had already taken off to a forest.

mastiff maru dog

When the attendant informed the owners, they called the breeder. Furthermore, when the breeder asked them to find Maru, they completely ignored her. The breeder did the only thing she could do and posted a plea in social media asking for information if anyone came across Maru.

Just two days after she posted this, someone had found Maru limping. She was in a dangerous industrial area when she was rescued. Upon further inspection, the breeder realized that Maru had run back to the same city she lived before. All the pup wanted was to go back to her owners. The same owners who abandoned her. Maru even had severe wounds in her paws from all the walking. Fortunately, she is recovering well after receiving the appropriate medical attention. Maru will finally be able to find a loving home. Watch the video below to meet the adorable pup:

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