Blind singer’s rendition of “Rise Up” moves Lionel Richie to tears

You never really know the story of a person until you ask them. People could be going through the toughest times, yet no one would know. It’s easy to look at a person and judge them. Unless you ask them what they went through, you won’t know how they became the person now.

American Idol judge Lionel Richie asked Shayy when she stepped into the audition room. This 17 year old became legally blind a year ago due to a tumor in her brain. As if that’s not painful enough, she has been bullied by kids at her high school. They went as far as kicking her cane and pushing her. However, Shayy is a brave girl. She has found light even when her eyes have failed to do so.


Shayy chose the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day to perform in front of the judges. A fitting song for a courageous young girl! As soon as the piano starts, Lionel Richie starts getting emotional. But as soon as Shayy’s voice comes out of her mouth, this 70-year-old man can’t hold it together. This inspirational girl and her voice move him. Moreover, he gives her the ticket to the next round and a tight hug. Watch the incredible audition below:

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