This Marine Interrupts a Dance on Stage, the Crowd Loses It Seeing His Foot Tricks

The Continental Marines were formed on November 10th, 1775. The Marine Corps was established by the Continental Congress with the aim to protect ships and their reigning captains during the American Revolutionary War. The Continental Marines broke up in 1783, but were soon after recreated in 1789. The United States Marine Corps celebrates November 10th as its birthday as a tribute to Continental Marines.

So on November 10th every year, they have a traditional Marine Corps ball which is trailed by a cake cutting ceremony. After the ceremony ends and attendees partake in a feast, they go down to the dance floor. This year the Corps will be celebrating its 240th birthday! In this video a group of Marines steps on the dance floor and the audience immediately start cheering. Those dance moves are pretty impressive!

Watch these marines dance below! People with posts as high as the sergeant major aren’t ashamed of break dancing!

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