Golden Dog Finds Lookalike, Watch How He Convinces His Mom to Take Him Home

Have you ever gone to talk to a friend only to realize that they were a stranger? Although you swear that they could be your friend’s twin, you end up embarrassing yourself. If that isn’t weird enough, some people even have stories about meeting their doppelgänger! They usually go on to ask to snap a photo together. But when this dog met his lookalike, she knew she had found her soulmate as well!

It’s not uncommon to live in a tiny apartment, especially if you are in a city like Boston. Moreover, Bethany and Tyson weren’t the only ones sharing the small space. Being animal lovers, they had taken in two rescue cats and a stray terrier mix that they named Rogue! Despite the cramped space, all three pets got along great! However, the couple was sure of one thing— no more pets!

rogue and lookalike

One morning, Bethany and Tyson took Rogue out for a walk through the farmer’s market. Moreover, they notice a charity has set up shop with crates with dogs desperate for adoption. But something catches Rogue’s eyes, and she runs towards one particular crate. Furthermore, it has a dog that looks identical to Rogue, and they have an instant connection. A few stares and a little convincing by Bethany, they now had a new addition to the family! And by the looks of all the fun times, they are having together, the proud owners don’t seem to regret it a bit.

Watch a sweet video of the “twins” playing together:

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