9 and 7-Yr-Old Perform Very Difficult Dance – And Capture Audience’s Heart

When you’re in a dance competition there’s a lot of pressure to perform well and most adults would be very nervous. Here’s a pair of young Italian dancers who take it all in stride and leave the audience loving it.

Maria Rosaria is seven and her partner Antonio is nine, and both have been dancing for two years. This little pair from Napoli (Naples), Italy, appeared on the Italian show Dancing on the Road with Auchan Giugliano in front of a live crowd.

At the beginning, Giugliano asks the two what dance they will be performing and they answer: cha cha cha. Now professional dancers know this dance, which originated in Cuba in the early 1950s, is a difficult dance. There are a lot of moves to remember and it moves very fast. The fact that these two can perform it at all is amazing.

But they don’t just perform, they amaze! Their twirls, footwork and choreography are like professionals and for a couple of pre-teens, their work is top notch. No wonder this video has over 43 million views on YouTube!

WATCH the incredible performance below and let us know in the comments what you think of this pair.

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