Cute Little Parrot Flipped on to His Back, Then Hilariously Demands Belly Rubs

If you have a dog, you know how gaga they can get for belly rubs. But they aren’t the only ones who love belly rubs. A cute and tiny and playful caique parrot shows us that our feathery friends enjoy tummy scratches and playtime just as well. In the video, an owner is playing around with his pretty yellow parrot named Mango. He’s trying to get Mango to do all sorts of moves with with a clothes hanger, but the clever bird has something else in mind.

Mango wasn’t too interested in the clothes hanger and fell on his back, putting its cute claws up in the air and looking at its owner with the parrot equivalent to puppy eyes. It was her way of saying she wanted belly rubs! The owner then starts rubbing the bird’s tummy playfully, and Mango reaches for his fingers with its talons and playfully bites him in return. When the owner stops, Mango looks at its owner as if it were saying, “Why did you have to stop dong that?”

Mango then goes on to hop back on her feet to play with the clothes hanger for another few moments, but quickly drops on its back again asking for more tummy rubs. She clearly hadn’t had enough of it. Of course, who couldn’t give into that adorable face? So, its owner goes back to petting his pretty parrot. The entire playful encounter is just too cute, and you’ve got to check it out for yourself.

These birds are so smart and obviously know how to manipulate their humans into doing what they want — like most pets.

Check out this adorable video below:

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