Lamb and a Baby Rhino Play Together. But Pay Close Attention to What the Rhino is Doing!

The way we look does not determine the friends we make. Moreover, there are people and animals from all walks of life. And sometimes we find companions in the most crucial times! Lammie is one of those friends for orphaned baby rhino Gertjie. And it doesn’t even matter that the friend is a lamb!

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa has a host of orphan residents. Gertjie is one of their youngest and most playful ones! The organization believes that it is vital to provide animal companionship to orphans. Moreover, this ensures that they have a smooth transition to the wild with minimum human interaction. And luckily, Gertjie just loves playing with Lambie!

rhino and lamb playing

At first, the baby rhino seems a little reluctant about playing with its hooved-friend. But if you look closely, you can see that the horned-creature is just playing along! Moreover, the silly rhino spends much of its time walking backward while Lambie is running here and there. But soon enough, both Gertjie and its best friend hop and run around having a mighty good time! Watch the sweet video below:

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