Owner Laughs at Rescuer’s Face When Asked About Dog Who She Had Chained Up for Up to 10-15 Years

Featured below is an emotional story of a dog called Rusty Diamond. The poor pooch had spent most of his life in cruelty and neglect, but thankfully, he was finally given the life he always deserved. And all it took was one stranger to set him free. This man saw the dog chained up in one of his neighbor’s yard backyard. According to him, the dog was never seen off the chain over the course of three years. And no one ever interacted with him either. But that’s when the rescuer had had enough.

The dog didn’t seem too friendly, but this guy was ready to take a chance on him. The pooch snarled and barked at him initially, but he showered him kindness and the dog loved it. However, the dog was not in a good state. He had some issues that needed medical attention. It was time to confront the owner. The woman came outside and revealed that she had chained the dog for around 10 to 15 years! Thankfully, she agreed to hand over the dog.

Now named Rusty Diamond, the puppy finally has a chance at a happy life. No animal deserves to be treated that way. There are many dogs like Rusty in the world. Let’s hope they get a second chance like this precious pooch did! Check out his story below. What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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