Man Watches Weird Ring Of Bubbles Form And Turns On His Camera Just In Time

Alaska is a very mysterious place. This place is an abode for many species and a wide range of wildlife. Humans living in Alaska are mostly in the city area. However, a man was lucky enough to get a sight that he could never have thought he would.

On a mundane day to the water, a man caught sight of bubbles inside the water. He was not sure what he was. He even decided to take a video of the whole situation. The man was least expecting to see a rare sea animal but he did. The man witnessed the sight of a huge Alaskan humpback whale from the closest yet safest distance possible.

Apparently, the whale was out seeking prey and the bubbles from before were actually set as a trap for the prey. This mysterious man seems extremely shocked and scared for his life in this viral footage. People all around the world were mesmerized by the video. The man who filmed this video is still anonymous.

Whatsoever, this man has to be one of the luckiest people to have seen such an incredible sight! Watch the full video below!

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