Man With Alzheimer’s Forgets He’s Married, So He Proposes to His Wife Again

Alzheimer’s is a painful disease. It not only affects a person physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Here’s a great clip of a couple that not only made do, but used it to discover new joy.

When a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s, most of their loved ones try to get them to remember them. It is quite sad that most patients don’t remember their loved ones. However, a couple who has been a victim of Alzheimer’s had a sweet moment after years of suffering.

Peter and Lisa had been married with kids for several years. Their life took a bitter turn when Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 53. Lisa tried her best to make her husband remember things but it was always hit or miss. Peter eventually forgot they were married. In an interview with People magazine, Lisa said “he doesn’t know I’m his wife. I’m just his favorite person.”

But one day Peter pointed at the TV and asked her to marry him. Again! Lisa’s happiness knew no boundaries as she immediately said yes.

The couple got married once again soon after. Watch the full video below!

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