He Gave Simon Cowell the Scare of His Life – With a Bullwhip!

We’re all used to Simon Cowell getting the better of people. He’s usually right about talent acts and he gives recommendations that really do improve people’s performance. But Simon is a bit abrasive and we all want to see him occasionally get his comeuppance.

This America’s Got Talent audition features a man who calls himself “Jack the Whipper,” who in his day job is a 33-year-old Boston, Massachusetts, NPR radio news anchor. His name is a reference to his bullwhip act that, at first, looks to be underwhelming.

Jack said he learned whip cracking from his father. Of the act he said, “We’re going to try and not let the nerves take advantage of us and try and have a good time.”

Once he starts cracking the whip, however, it’s clear that Jack knows what he’s doing. He starts snapping the end off of a straw, even behind his back. But Simon is unimpressed with the act and “buzzes” him to indicate he won’t vote him through to the next round.

In a funny twist, Jack needs a “helper” for the next portion of his act and the other judges “volunteer” Simon. Jack makes Simon hold a straw between his knees for his final trick: break the straw with a whip crack without injuring Simon!

You can bet Simon is worried about the outcome! Watch the full video below and leave us your thoughts in the Facebook comments.


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