Video of Dogs and Cat Going to the Beach is the Best Version of ‘Happy’

Don’t we all love our pets? Especially teaching them tricks. Some people enjoy having a variety of pets in the house. Hence, it’s no surprise when cats pick up habits from dogs or vice versa.

Didga, the perfect cat who earned her place in Guinness World Records 2017 edition book.

When Didga was young she showed no negative reaction to water. So, her owner Robert Dollwet took it as a challenge and trained her over months to achieve her impressive skills. She can even perform 20 tricks in a minute.

The clip features a dog outing day, with 12 pups and a very special appearance by the Didga. They are groomed and enjoy their fun-filled day of adventure on the beach. As Pharrel Williams “Happy” plays in the background. The gang seems to be enjoying their day out.

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